Black Electric was a refreshing new group in the techno music industry. The vibe iwas new and inventive with an original techno sound. Their music had a futuristic flare with hard-hitting beats and sultry Techno/R&B/POP vocals.

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Black Electric definitely had what it took to hang with some of the industries brightest, they style was in a realm all their own. Techno ballads that made you want to dance all night as you got into their soul shaking grooves. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Black Electric had been singing for many years. As they grew and matured, so did their interest in singing and performing. Since they really did not know where to begin to start a career in music by them selves, they began singing for independent record companies in their area. Black Electric explains their style as a sound for all to enjoy especially all the Techno Lovers who go through the ups and downs of waiting on new sounds.