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Just Released Jan 2014

Available on vinyl and Digital MP3 format everywhere

Sharivari 2013 Remixes – Aux 88 / BlakTony – PBX-25

The Detroit underground party scene became very big in 1980. Electrifying Mojo was a radio personality on WGPR, 107.5 FM that played all the Detroit underground up coming experimental music.

Two enigmatic teenagers formed alliance to produce their form of music they were hearing over the airwaves. Sterling Jones and Paul Lesley make up “A Number of Names.” Their track “Shari Vari” was the second Techno track to be released out of Detroit in early 1981.



Listen to it here

A1: ShariVari (Aux 88 Digital Mix)  5:24

A2: ShariVari (Aux 88 Smooth Techno Mix) 6:01

B1: ShariVari  (Aux 88 Mad Scientist Festival Dj Mix) 5:56

B2: ShariVari (Blaktony’s Deep Baked Rmx) 4:01

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Buy “Blue Love (Original Vocal)


Video Produced by Erika Tele

Official Video for Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo – Blue Love EP. Puzzlebox Records, 2013.
Directed and Edited by Erika Tele, Director of Photography John Romeo from Romeo Studios Philadelphia, PA.

Make Up by Elle Palachick.

Grip/Gaff – Jeff Miller & Valencia Covington.

Many many thanks!!!

OUT NOW 5/ 2013 

Available on vinyl and Digital MP3 format everywhere

Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo – Blue Love – PBX-24

Blue love featuring the vocals of Erika Tele is Aux 88 black Tokyo love theme for the dance floor. In the vein of Detroitís 4/4 classics from the past, you can know see that Aux 88 has some full circle in their musical quest . Blue love is a happy and beautiful take on love and spiritual release you get while dancing on the dance floor. Erika Teles angelic robotic vocal make this a keeper.

Dark Deceptions opens with emotional strings and arp like baseline intro creating a sense of a movie intro.

Erika Teles vocal are spoken words in Japanese. The track is clearly a sort of intro for more.


 The ep gives you A soft string beat dance driven homage to love. Pick this up quickly sure to be classic dj track for aux 88 Presents black Tokyo fans.

Listen to it here

A1: Blue Love 6:55

A2: Blue Love (instrumental) 6:55

B: Dark Deceptions Featuring Erika (Cafe Mix) 4:02

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Available on vinyl and Digital MP3 format everywhere

Optic Nerve – Time Lapse – PBX-24.5

Keith Tuckers Optic nerve persona returns with the Timelapse ep. Side a1 Minimal Detroit mix is a dark minimal Mood beat pumped excursion into techno floor stumper. A2 Time Displacement mix is a completely different Take with alternative beats creating a sort of shift in time. The tracks show Tuckers growth and influence on Electro and techno with his work in Aux 88. Side two One moment in time is a Detroit sort of metroplex gem . Tucker once again shows his melodic Melodies and baselines that shows his love for Detroit music and grooves. A highly thought out sequence of great sounds and string chords as only Optic nerve does it. Tucker has hinted many times that he has a lot of Unreleased music from his metroplex days! B2. Transient Force records label owner AS1 gives us a true electro mix which keeps alot of the original mix of One Moment in Time. The tone is A more Electro clash techno mesh of urban beat programming for the electro heads.


Listen to it here:

 A1: Time Lapse (Minimal Detroit Mix)

A2: Time Lapse (Time Displacement mix)

B1: One Moment In Time (Original mix)

B2: One Moment In Time (AS1 electro Mix)

DISTRIBUTED BY Diamonds and Pearls
Berlin Germany


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Detropolis – Optic Nerve (Aux 88 Mad Scientist Mix) NEW VIDEO

 Detropolis - Optic Nerve (Aux 88 Mad Scientist Mix) NEW VIDEO 

Video Produced by Erika Tele

Welcome to the new Puzzlebox records website. Cant believe the label has been going strong since 1995 seems like just yesterday when me Tommy Hamilton, Anthony Horton (Blak Tony), Will Smith (Bj) were moving all our gear into a huge office space on vandyke street located on the east side of detroit. This site is the definitive Puzzlebox Records website of all the music I have done on my label and also some artist I had the pleasure signing to the label. Im keeping very busy these days with traveling to do some k-1 dj sets and also touring with my partner in crime Tommy Hamilton in the groundbreaking group Aux 88.

Please Check out my new new 12″ Detropolis coming in a few weeks its my Optic Nerve techno persona . Also just released a few weeks ago is the new Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo Magic Ep featuring Divas Ice Truck and Erika Tele. Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo has been a true joy as it is  a welcomed departure from the original Aux 88 sound . Its great techno dance music with beautiful moodiness that shows the great fusion of Detroit and japan.

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Detropolis (original mix) is Optic Nerves take on Detroit’s infrastructure rebuilding. Detropolis  opens with the unmistakable optic nerve strings giving you a sense of riding on the futuristic people mover in the night time summer air.  A2 is the Aux 88 Mad Scientist mix describing this as funky is a understatement Aux 88 mix brings the funk, soul and Detroit dankness that has inspired a culture. Techno Bass purely for the dance floor. The Dark and twisted growling baselines makes you long for partying in new downtown Detroit.  Side b1 Detroit vocal mental mix is a Tucker whisper style vocoder driven techno groove with a baseline that Makes you long to be on techno blvd located near downtown. The beats are swinging to a pitch wheeled baseline that grooves the soul. B2 Detropolis M5 Central Station Mix is a more up-tempo beat excursion into a pro one pumped bass line. Showcasing Juan Atkins influence on Tuckers career. Tuckers style is so well studio mastered but somehow minimal beat oriented on this ep that it comes off as his unmistakable optic nerve style. You can almost hear the robotic voice on the futuristic rail system speaking ever so softly “You have reached the techno Mecca of downtown Detroit. A1. Detropolis   (Original Mix) A2. Detropolis   (Aux 88 Mad Scientist Mix) B1. Detropolis   (Detroit Vocal Mental Mix) B2. Detroit Commuter  (M5 Central Station Mix)

AUX 88 PRESENTS BLACK TOKYO MAGIC EP.  PBX-22                   OCT  2012         OUT NOW

Aux 88 makes there anxiously awaited follow up two there Black Tokyo project. The first track Magic is a true melodic synth groove driving 4/4 track that takes you in to there  Dance driven world of Black Tokyo featuring the cool soothing vocals of Ice Truck. Magic uses those Detroit emotional string chords that works the crowd in a frenzy and then drop  in those bass driven beats that only Aux 88 can program. Side two Astral Projections featuring Ice Truck and Erika Tele. Astral Projections takes you  in to the more ethereal woven techno culture of Japan and Detroit. The Bass line is unmistakable Aux  88 while keeping the baseline as the main intro. This track takes you “There”. With Ice Trucks  Mind soothing vocals and tribal type drums pulsating this track is sure to be a favorite on the  Dance floor. Interlude mix b2 featuring Erika Tele is a more harmonic sedative mix type interlude.

A1. Magic   (Original Version)

A2. Magic   (Instrumental Version)

B1. Astral Projections   (Detroit Mix)

B2. Astral Orojections   (Interlude)