Optic Nerve

Created originally fby Anthony Horton aka (Blak Tony), Tommy Hamilton and Keith Tucker. The Optic Nerve sound is the dark electronic movie score sound of the streets of detroit. While Horton and Hamilton pursued other styles of music . Tucker continued on with the name to a more classic electronic opera sound reminisent of Derrick Mays Transmat label. Tucker once again was requested a track for a compilation. This time from the Techno godfather himself Juan Atkins.

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Tucker gave Juan the Track “Premonition”. Before finally signing to Direct Beat Tucker placed about 40 tracks on a mini disk entitled Optic Nerve and Alien Fm along with newly turned in Aux 88 works. And Optic nerve was created as a 3 ep release along with DOUBLE PACK 12″ called Alien Fm. Essentialy two more personas including Dj K-1 . Tucker had now gained all the confidence he need to create even more. Optic Nerve has went on to have 3 full length lp’s along with over 200 other tracks released on french label omnisonus, Delsin Records, Diametric Records, Tresor,Psychothrill germany as well as Tuckers label Puzzlebox



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