In 1980, childhood friends Brian Boyer, Kenneth Harrington (“Kech”) and Brian Bonds (DJ B. Bonds) formed Plan 9, a Funk-Pop trio influenced by Jazz, Parliament-Funkadelic, XTC and the Police. They all shared an intense interest in underground dance music and in tracks the Electrifying Mojo played on Detroit’s airwaves in the early 80’s.

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In 1983 Kech left Detroit, to attend college at Michigan State University, this left the group without a drummer. Martin Bonds came in with his Korg drum machine to fill in. That drum machine and the electronic dance music DJ B. Bonds spun at local parties motivated Brian Boyer to purchase a Prophet 600. In 1988, Martin Bonds went to work for Juan Atkins’ Metroplex Studio and later with Kevin Saunderson. Martin introduced Brian, Kech and DJ B. Bonds to Saunderson and Antonio Echols.

They began recording as THD for Echol’s Serious Grooves label. Their first release was “THD Experiment”, one of a three EP limited set distributed by Neil Rushton’s Nettwerk Records out of London. They have proved to be experimental and funky, recording tracks and remixes as THD, Kech, and Kech and B. Bonds for Serious Grooves, React, Tresor, and KMS records.

In 1997, under the name STRAND, they recorded the “Floyd Cramer’s Revenge” EP for Frictional Recordings as well as a track for K7! Records. Frictional Recordings released STRAND’s latest EP “Message I” in January 2001. Strand also has an EP on the Delsin records with the release TBA.

STRAND performed live at the Second Annual Detroit Electronic Music Festival in Detroit on May 26, 2001.  Along with Ketch, Brian, DJ B. Bonds and Martin Bonds the Underground stage was packed with onlookers.