MATRIX #                           TITLE                                                                                        ARTIST                                                                              LABEL

M-015                                 Television                                                                                 Frequency                                                                         Metroplex Records

4W 175                              Good Stuff Ep                                                                           Sight Beyond Sight                                                         430 West Records

4W 190                              Bass Magnetic Dbl LP                                                            Aux 88                                                                              430 West Records

4W 215                              No More Tears Ep                                                                   Sight Beyond Sight                                                         430 West Records

TRESOR 14                      QUAZAR                                                                                    Optic Nerve                                                                      Tresor Records

DB4W 002                        Technology Ep                                                                           Aux 88                                                                              Direct Beat Records

PWD7445                          Premonition                                                                              Optic Nerve                                                                      Pow Wow Records

DB4W 004                         Aux Quadrant EP                                                                      Aux 88                                                                               Direct Beat Records

TACD1                                Phantom Power                                                                        Aux 88                                                                              Trance Atlantic

DB4W 005                         Trilogy Wave 1 EP                                                                    Optic Nerve                                                                      Direct Beat Records

DB4W 006                         Trilogy Wave 2 EP                                                                    Optic Nerve                                                                       Direct Beat Records

DB4W 007                         Trilogy Wave 3 EP                                                                    Optic Nerve                                                                       Direct Beat Records

4W 230                               Alien FM Double EP                                                                 Alien Fm                                                                           430 West Records

DB4W 009                         Aux Mind EP                                                                               Aux 88                                                                               Direct Beat Records

DB4W 010                         Xperience De Bass                                                                   DJ K-1                                                                              Direct Beat Records

DB4W 013                         Direct Drive EP                                                                          Aux 88                                                                               Direct Beat Records

4WCD-1                              Aux 88 meets Alien Fm CD                                                    Aux / Alien Fm                                                                  430 West Records

DB4W 017                          Xperience De Bass 2                                                              DJ K-1                                                                                Direct Beat Records

DB4W 018                          K-1 AGENDA EP                                                                       DJ K-1                                                                               Direct Beat Records

529270-2                            Another World (France)                                                          Optic Nerve                                                                       Omnisonus Records

528 689-2                          Metaphysica                                                                               DJ K-1                                                                               Omnisonus Records

REACTCD71                      Aura                                                                                             KT – 19941                                                                       React Records

REACT LP 071                  Aura                                                                                             KT – 19941                                                                       React Records

PBX-1                                  The Concept Ep                                                                        KT – 19941                                                                        Puzzlebox Records

557-051-2                           The Correct Use Of Techno  (CD /12″)                                 KT – 19941                                                                        Sound Of Barclay

74321-53275-1c               The Advent Kombination Research Metaphy Remix          DJ- K-1                                                                               Metal Box

PBX-2                                   The concept 2 Ep                                                                      KT – 19941                                                                       Puzzlebox Records

74321453952                    Techno Celebration Compilation                                           Optic Nerve                                                                       Omnisonus Records

Unknown                             Dimensia 3 Track Compilation                                             Optic Nerve                                                                        Omnisonus Records

ER 1300, ER 1400            Brace Yourself 2×12″                                                                K- 1 / Optic Nerve                                                             Electrecords

PBX-3                                    LifeForm Ep                                                                              KT – 19941                                                                        Puzzlebox Records

PT-03                                    Electro Files ep.                                                                       Keith Tucker                                                                       Psycho Thrill Records

74321461912                    Children Of The Universe LP                                                 Optic Nerve                                                                         Omnisonus Records

DE-G93-97-90257            Electro Boogie Compilation (Lp/cd)                                     KT – 19941                                                                          Studio K-7

Unknown                              Face Your Fate EP                                                                  Optic Nerve                                                                          Omnisonus Records

BM/330 / 7432 146 192 1 Shade Of Gray Ep                                                                    Optic Nerve                                                                          Omnisonus Records

IT No 7                                  Vertigo                                                                                        Keith Tucker                                                                        Interdimensional Transmisions

IT No 8 cd                             Vertigo                                                                                        Keith Tucker                                                                        Interdimensional Transmisions

Unknown                              Alien Takeover                                                                          Keith Tucker                                                                        Unknown

ITU-2001                              Face Your Fate (Remix)                                                          Keith Tucker                                                                        Interdimensional Transmisions

ER 1300                               ElectroRecords Double EP                                                    Keith Tucker                                                                        Electrecords

REACT CD 152                   Live At The Social Vol. 3″ Erase the time bass remix”      Keith Tucker                                                                        React Records

PBX-4                                     Automaton Ep                                                                          KT – 19941                                                                         Puzzlebox Records

PT – 02 B                               Speaker Worshiping                                                              Keith Tucker                                                                        Psycho Thrill Records

DH K017K CD                      Speaker worshiping / frek me pt 1,2                                   Keith Tucker                                                                         Dreamhunter

ITU-008                                  It’s Time                                                                                   Keith Tucker                                                                          In-tuit Solar

DB4W 035                            Techno Bass The Miission (2xLP/CD)                                K-1                                                                                          Direct Records

16DSR/OTN1                       Pharoah’s Doorway                                                               Keith Tucker                                                                           Delsin Records

PTNE2105                             Rebith EP                                                                                Keith Tucker                                                                           Psycho Thrill Records

S0-005                                   From Detroit To The Outback                                               Keith Tucker                                                                           Southern Outpost

PBX-6                                      Shari Vari Remixes                                                               Optic Nerve                                                                              Puzzlebox Records

30DSR/OTN-CD1                 Optical Lp                                                                               Optic Nerve                                                                              Delsin Records

32DSR/VAR-CD2                   Day By Day Compilation                                                     Optic Nerve                                                                              Delsin Records

EE-004                                    Stick It in Your Ear                                                                  Keith Tucker                                                                           End To End Records

REACTCD199                        Dave Clarke World Service Compilation                          KT – 19941                                                                             React Records

TL-020                                     When Metroplex was Metroplex                                          Keith Tucker                                                                           Twilight 76

DIS-1                                       Searching                                                                                Keith Tucker                                                                            DIS House

DIS-2                                        Same old Shit / Different Day                                             Keith Tucker                                                                             DIS House

5079832000                           It’s Not The Eighties Comp                                               Keith Tucker                                                                              React Records

TRESOR 185                          Tresor True Spirit Compilation                                         Optic Nerve                                                                                Tresor Records

E4100810                               Nova Lektrik Session Wdtr Radio Edit                            Keith Tucker                                                                               Nova Radio

MM CD 022                              Fuse Presents Technasia (Lp/cd) Alien Radio            Keith Tucker                                                                               Music Man Records

PBX-6.5                                     Project One                                                                         AUXMEN                                                                                     Puzzlebox Records

PBXLIVCD-1                            Live cd DEMF 2002                                                             AUXMEN                                                                                    Puzzlebox Records

DONE022                                 U Will Dance ep                                                                  K-1                                                                                               D1

PBX-7                                         Teleportation Ep                                                               Optic Nerve                                                                                   Puzzlebox Records

PT-3003                                     Equals Safety Remix David Rottmeyer                        Keith Tucker                                                                                 Plant Records

PBX8                                           Hubble Ep                                                                         Metroplex Social Club                                                                Puzzlebox Records

PBX-8.5                                      Electropathics Ep                                                            AUXMEN                                                                                        Puzzlebox Records

PBX-9Cd                                    Metal Images Cd                                                             Optic Nerve                                                                                    Puzzlebox Records

ETRX 017                                  From Detroit To Rome                                                     Fuzion                                                                                            Electrix Records

Ptne2109b                                 Intergalactic Orgasms Ep                                             Optic Nerve                                                                                     Psycho Thrill

For 5189192                             Misch Masch (2xcd/Lp)                                                   Fuzion                                                                                              Four Music

fingers 03                                   Noxgenus Ep                                                                    Keith Tucker                                                                                   ZLK

7SR-008                                     Detroit Saved My Soul ep.                                              Keith Tucker                                                                                  7th Sign

PBX-9                                          Machine Soul Ep                                                             K-1                                                                                                   Puzzlebox Records

Gen 029                                      Neon Sex Fiend “Electro Five Remix”                         K-1                                                                                                    Generator

SYS 1088-2                                Miss Kittin – A Bugged Mix  “Plastic People”             K-1                                                                                                    System Recordings

SUBCDJP-006                          AUX 88 CD                                                                       AUX 88                                                                                              Submerge Recordings

SUBLP-3011-1                          AUX 88 – Aux 88 – 2vinyl LP                                          AUX 88                                                                                              Submerge Recordings

SUBCD-3028-                           Depth Charge 6 “Rated Aux”                                         AUX 88                                                                                              Submerge Recordings

SUBCD30342                            SUBMERGE vOLUME 4                                                 AUX 88                                                                                              Submerge Recordings

Crème 12-32                              A Tribute To Robert Moog 1 “Don’t Understand)       K-1                                                                                                    Crème

TRUCKSTOP76TH 4.0             Max Durante – Human Turntable 2 “Electrotech”      K-1                                                                                                   Truckstop

PBX-10                                          Replica Ep.                                                                      Optic Nerve                                                                                      Puzzlebox Records

SD Records|SD06                     Nukubus – Europa EP (remixeS)                                 AUX 88                                                                                              SD Records

PBX-11                                         Time Travel Ep.                                                                K-1                                                                                                     Puzzlebox Records

Crème 12-42                              Global Darkness EP                                                      AUX 88                                                                                                Crème

PBX-12                                         RATED AUX REMIXES                                                    AUX 88                                                                                                Puzzlebox Records

Crème Eclipse 08                     Cosmic Force – Uncompromis “Resynthesized”      K-1                                                                                                      Crème Eclipse

PBX-14CD                                   Mad Scientist Cd                                                              AUX 88                                                                                               Puzzlebox Records

SSNECD-1                                  NU SCHOOL ELECTRO VOLUME 1                             AUX 88                                                                                              Streetsound Electro

1-DIAM                                          REASSIMILATION EP                                                      OPTIC NERVE                                                                                 Diametrics

DET12D                                         “Suture The Future” Aux 88 Remix                              AUX 88                                                                                              Detelefunk

ssnecd001                                  Nu School 1 “Space Satelites”                                       AUX 88                                                                                             Streetsound Electro

PERMANENT001                       Order 666 Aux 88 Detroit Mix – Frank Kusserow        AUX 88                                                                                               PERMANENT

FBI005C                                        Anti- Gravity Machines- Mandroid      remix                 AUX 88                                                                                               FBI

SUBCD-1007                              The Lost Tribe Of Techno CD “We Make Beats”        AUX 88                                                                                               Subject Detroit

WMAC26                                       I Refuse – Aaron Carl Remix “AUX 88                         AUX 88                                                                                               Wallshaker

ECHOISM006                              MAD REMIX1 – A. Rother / J. Edgar / Black Tokyo      Aux 88                                                                                                ECHOISM

8-DIAM                                          3 Dimensional  EP                                                           OPTIC NERVE                                                                                 Diametrics

DR-043                                         Global Surveyor Phase 3 Global Surveyors Vocal      K-1                                                                                                     Dominaince Electricity

PBX-15                                           Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo ep                                    AUX 88                                                                                             Puzzlebox Records

PBX-16                                           Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo Shadow Dancing ep    AUX 88                                                                                             Puzzlebox Records

TF029                                             Electro Slaves Ep –                                                            AUX 88                                                                                            Transient Force

PBX-17cd                                      Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo CD                                    AUX 88                                                                                             Puzzlebox Records

RMR-001                                       Helipause – Destination Planet Earth Ep                    AUX 88  & DBS                                                                                Robot music Records

PBX-18                                           Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo – Remix Sessions 1     AUX 88                                                                                             Puzzlebox Records

PBX-19                                            Aux 88 – Mad Scientist Vol. 2                                          AUX 88                                                                                             Puzzlebox Records

PBX-20                                            Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo – Remix Sessions 2   AUX 88                                                                                              Puzzlebox Records

PBX-21                                            Aux 88 – Mad Scientist Vol. 3                                          AUX 88                                                                                              Puzzlebox Records

PBX-22                                            Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo Magic Ep                         AUX 88                                                                                             Puzzlebox Records

PBX-23                                            Detropolis Ep                                                                    Optic Nerve                                                                                       Puzzlebox Records

PBX-24                                           Blue Love Ep                                                                      Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo                                                        Puzzlebox Records

PBX-24.5                                        Timelapse Ep                                                                    Optic Nerve                                                                                       Puzzlebox Records

PBX-25                                           Sharivari 2013 Remixes                                                  Aux 88 / Blak Tony                                                                            Puzzlebox Records

PBX-26                                           Music Is Your Medicine Ep                                              Aux 88 Featuring Samara                                                               Puzzlebox Records